Leather Bootlicker

Fetish Liza has returned with another submissive slave and she’s up to no good. The hot mistress has this poor guy wrapped around her finger so she can do anything she wants with him. No one can turn down such a hot woman and he knew there was no way in hell he was going to get a woman like Liza in this life time, so he did whatever it took to get her. The kinky mistress took her new slave to her place and introduced him to her impressive hot collection and let his pick his favorite. This reminds us of the bondage scenes from http://21sextreme.us/ a lot of nasty chicks trying out a lot of sex toys in some kinky scenes. Sounds good right?

The old guy didn’t knew how to react at first, when he saw all of her toys so he picked the chain first. He really hopped to see Liza naked but unfortunately for him she was wearing her leather outfit, high heels, but she still looked amazing in them. Instead he was butt naked laying on the floor in a leash. The mistress had the control to it all and she eased him into the action, first he had to show her just how much he loves her and the mistress thought about the best way to do that and it involved some boot licking at first. Things get way out of control as we move forward so check it out for yourself. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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Fetish Liza – Playing with a huge toy

Hello there and welcome, my friends! Tonight I have the pleasure of bringing to you a Fetish Liza hot scene. This kinky babe will play with a huge dildo and her eager pussy will be stuffed with that toy in front of the camera just for your viewing pleasure. This one cannot be missed, so sit back and enjoy!

This crazy hot brunette is one of those chicks that will not keep you waiting more. It is all about her when it comes to sex and you better listen to her, or else your ass is gonna be punished. Tonight she felt in the mood for some masturbating session, so she grabbed her huge toy and shoved deep inside that dripping cunt right after she fingered it, making sure it would be wet enough. This kinky chick will make you dreaming of shoving your own cock in her every fuck holes. Cum inside and enjoy her doing some other crazy stuff and  watch the whole scene. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by her performances! Also, check back next week because she will bring some fresh content for all of you! Also you can check out http://infernalrestraints.org.uk/ and see some poor babes getting tied up and fucked!


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Sexy Liza in gloves and latex outfit

Fetish Liza is back wearing one of her best full body blue latex suit matched with black gloves and boots and she is looking absolutely astonishing. So far you’ve seen Liza in the naughty and mean mistress position, but in this update she is the one who’s being dominated by a naughty babe armed with a huge strap on dildo.

Horny Liza is ordered to sit up in a sex swing and she gets told to spread her legs and reveal her wet pussy. She is going to get fucked like never before and for the first time in her Life, she must obey to someone else’s rules. This means that she is going to be droved over the edge but she won’t be allowed to cum whenever she wants.

Fetish Liza starts moaning loud the moment that huge dildo penetrated her pussy. The naughty mistress starts slamming Lisa’s pussy hard and fast, shoving the whole dildo deep inside of her. Lisa starts rubbing her clit with her gloved hand and when she’s finally allowed, she gets a hell of an orgasm. She admits that the feel of the latex glove against her clit was amazing, and we have plenty similar scenes for you. Go to GloveMansion and check out sexy babes rubbing their pussy in glove covered hands! Wanna see other hotties getting fucked by huge toys?


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